121st Grand Court Session

Dreams, Plans & Goals

Annual Session
March 30 to April 1, 2022

Location TBD

Theme                 The Ocean

Watchwords      Dreams, Plans & Goals

Emblems            GRM -  Sea Horses

                                  GRP - Submarines


Colors                    All Colors from Light Blue to Dark Teal


Flowers                All Bulbs, Especially Lilies


​Music                     "Yellow Submarine" - The Beatles


Goal                     Strengthen the bon with Masonic Family

                                  Support Ways & Means Projects to grow General Fund

                                  Work together to find a sustainable future for our Grand Court


Projects              Order of the Amaranth Diabetes Foundation

                                  Marie L. Waters Trust Fund

                                  Henry P. Wirth Benevolent Fund

                                  Connecticut Amaranth Scholarship Fund

                                  Masonicare Quality of Life/Masonic Charity Foundation


2022-2023 Grand Officers -  The Sea Urchins

2022 Royal Matrons and Royal Patrons  -