Connecticut Grand Officers


Grand Royal Matron                                           HL Lynne Greenwood
Grand Royal Patron                                            SK Riley D. Greenwood
Grand Associate Matron                                  HL Judy A. Brod

Grand Associate Patron                                   SK Timothy V. Cavanaugh

Grand Treasurer                                                   SK Scott A. Bishel
Grand Secretary                                                   HL Eleanor A. Carbonaro
Grand Conductress                                            HL Liesa K. Sienkowski
Grand Associate Conductress                       HL Paula DePaulo
Grand Trustee (1)                                                  SK Donald Gladding
Grand Trustee (2)                                                  HL Virginia Benton
Grand Trustee (3)                                                  HL Sandie Greene
Grand Commissioner of Appeal (1)              HL Barbara Jean Mangano
Grand Commissioner of Appeal (2)              HL Sandra Allen
Grand Commissioner of Appeal (3)              HL Sandra Foley
Grand Prelate                                                        SK Stephan Kellner
Grand Marshal                                                      HL Jullie Pudem Scanlon
Grand Marshal In The East                              HL Sandra Osten
Grand Marshal In The West                            HL Anne M.M. Kellner
Grand Lecturer                                                     HL Gwen Rochette
Assistant Grand Lecturer                                 HL Charlene Rowe

Grand Standard Bearer                                    HL Anna Andrews
Grand Historian                                                    HL Lynn Fortier
Grand Fraternal Correspondent                   HL Louise Brown
Grand Truth                                                            HL L. Michelle Sawyers
Grand Faith                                                            HL Kayla Rettburg
Grand Wisdom                                                      HL Grace Rettburg
Grand Charity                                                        HL Judy Riley
Grand Musician                                                    Protem
Grand Warder                                                       SK Aaron Andrews
Grand Sentinel                                                      SK Thomas Gersdorf
Grand Page                                                            HL Cathy McDaniel
Grand Crown Bearer                                          HL Robin Zenobi
Grand Sword Bearer                                          SK J. Arthur Carbonaro
Parliamentarian                                                    HL Charlene Rowe


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